Talking Hands

MIGRATIONS & TERRITORIES | Providing asylum seekers with skills and work, while engaging the local community and companies. A project set in Treviso, Italy


CITIES & CITIZENS | How to achieve technological sovereignty. The participatory democracy platform by the City of Barcelona.

Manifattura Milano

HAND & MACHINE | supporting high quality and sustainable urban manufacturing by connecting people and businesses in Milan and surrounding areas.

Moda Futuribile

HAND & MACHINE | an ongoing collaborative R&D project by Dyloan Studio to investigate the potential of heat-sealing in fashion: to innovate and produce sustainably.


HEALTH & SOCIETY | How co-design and digital fabrication improves the lives of disabled kids. Two projects by the participative brand Unico.

Hacking Couture

HAND & MACHINES | Drawing people to engage with the language of fashion to help them express their creativity, while also re-using materials.

Days For Girls

WOMEN & RIGHTS | Providing girls home made reusable menstrual kits to ensure they will not miss school days or be cut out from social life in their villages.


HEALTH & SOCIETY | Is affordable, sartorial innovation possible in healthcare? A co-design project managed by the Politecnico in Milan Fab Lab (Polifactory)


CITIES & CITIZENS | Waag is a foundation based in Amsterdam that activates citizens using emerging technologies as agents of social change. This is how it works

Smart Citizen Kit

CITIES & CITIZENS | Can citizens participate in the city’s development? An open source project related to data collection by the Fab Lab Barcelona