Design Collisions

is an exhibition produced for the Milan Design Week 2019 that shows the activating power of design in the development of collective intelligence to tackle contemporary issues.

The show staged from April 5 to 14, 2019, at the Cascina Cuccagna in Milan

Ph: a public performance activated by Marinella Senatore

«We live in a time of divisions. Political, social and cultural fractures. Mental walls that we build on racial prejudice, economic hardship, and on the discomfort of not being able to keep up with an increasingly tech-driven present.

These divisions hurt Mankind. And every Friday our kids remind us when they ask us to unite to take a serious standing in front of climate change. Because if there was ever a time in which collective thinking and collaboration were needed this is now».

What does this have to do with design?

«Design can help us mend the fractures that afflict us. Because it is an act of creation that stems from understanding, inclusion, comparison. Design builds relationship: it is the bridge between people and objects, but also amongst human being. And it is an instrument to find joint, shared and widespread solutions to tackle todays issues.

Design Collisions stages 15 projects that activate people’s creativity and foster a collective intelligence that promotes an effective change, because it is participative».

Laura Traldi, Curator