This exhibition wants to speak to  non experts. For this reason, Design Collisions provides a Glossary, developed with the exhibitors, to clarify the meaning of some terms. Because accessibility means clarity. And true sharing begings by offering the tools for inclusion that people need to feel they are an active and relevant part in a whole. 


the translation of ideas in realizable projects + a dynamic encounter of particles that causes an exchange of energies

Sharing the meaning of the words

Circular Economy


«an economy conceived to be self-regenerating. It uses biological materials, that can be re-integrated into the biosphere; or technical ones, that can be re-valued at the end-of-life without ending in the biosphere» (definition by the Ellen McArthur Foundation)


Design Thinking


method of problem solving that questions the issue, includes input from different disciplines, proceeds creatively, realizes protypes and continuously revisits them, moving progressively towards a shared outcome.


Digital fabrication


the making of objects using numerically controlle machines (3D printers, CNC millers stampanti 3D, CNC, laser e vinyl cutters)


Fab Lab


digital fabrication lab that embraces the open source philosophy. A research and experimentation hub that brings manufacturing back into cities, connecting local communities with a global network of makers, designers, educators, technicians, researchers and with companies, educational institutions and administrations.




in the creativity world, the analysis of a context and the act of modifying it in order to obtain something new but connected to the original in a subtle but fundamental way.




digital craftsmen who use instruments of digital fabrication.


Open source


a software with a public source code, allowing modifications and extensions. The term is often use in non IT contexts to mean open and collaborative initiatives.




a digital tool that connects people and is used as a basis to create or exchange value.


Smart City


a city with connected digital infrastructures to allow the optimization of services, the rationalization of consumption and the active participation of people.


Social sustainability


the guarantee of primary conditions for human wellbeing (safety, health, education, equality, participation, justice)