Manifattura Milano

HAND & MACHINE – supporting high quality and sustainable urban manufacturing by connecting people and businesses in Milan and surrounding areas.

ph: Berto Salotti

ph in home page: Gallia & Peter modisteria, via Moscova, Milano

Automation is not the only way. Skilled craft work, coupled with high tech means and an R&D focus, provides an alternative paradigm to produce a more equally distributed wealth

What is it?


The program of the Municipality of Milan to support quality manufacturing activities in the city and in the metropolitan area, in line with the municipal action that promotes innovation and social inclusion.


What does it do?


It positions Milan as a widespread laboratory and a showcase of Made in Italy activities meeting the world. It researches urban manufacturing cases, connects and gives visibility to quality manufactures (through open days like “Manifatture Aperte”). It supports digital fabrication (fab labs, makerspaces, Milan Luiss Hub for Makers and Students), facilitates the establishment of manufacturing companies in the suburbs and spreads the skills of new craftsmanship and manufacturing 4.0.

Why does it exist?


The objective of Manifattura Milano is to make the city an enabling ecosystem for the birth, establishment and growth of companies operating in the field of digital manufacturing and new craftsmanship to create new jobs, regenerate the suburbs and promote social cohesion.

Why is it in Design Collisions?


The project connects society and local economy, creates new manufacturing processes for the development of low environmental impact products, promotes repair, reuse and recycling activities. It demonstrates the economic sustainability of an alternative model to that of the mass-production and advanced automation.