Moda Futuribile

HAND & MACHINE – an ongoing collaborative R&D project by Dyloan Studio to investigate the potential of heat-sealing in fashion: to innovate and produce sustainably.

A project highlighting the value of human work while using technology in a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development perspective.

What is it?


An ongoing collaborative research and development project initiated by Dyloan Studio. For the last 10 years, it has been developing innovative solutions dedicated to the technique of heat-sealing by clustering together companies producing raw materials, yarns, fabrics, semi-finished products, technologies with designers, professionals and students and emerging talents.


What does it



The Moda Futuribile collective approach has been translated in many R&D projects. For Design Collisions, Moda Futuribile has specifically developed two outfits hacked by eco-designer Tiziano Guardini, customized by Bond Factory. The customized garments show some of the infinite possible transformations and express the added value of reinterpreting existing objects within a circular economy angle.

How does it activate people?


Moda Futuribile creates partnerships between different actors of the fashion production system, sharing sustainable objectives and encouraging the co-creation of innovative solutions and replicable formats.

Why is it in Design Collisions?


The project focuses on the use of technologies combined with manual interventions, in a perspective of social and professional inclusiveness (allows young creatives to gain visibility in creating something new and relevant). By promoting re-use it takes position against the trend of fast fashion.

Is it design?


The hacking process works only if guided by a design mind who is able to grasp the essence of the garment’s language and transform it. Moda Futuribile is also a system design project because it invests in the development of an alternative productive eco-system in the fashion sector.